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Psychotherapy is an interactive process that includes many methods and techniques to help you deal with issues that are preventing you from living and loving fully. I believe each person, each relationship, and each problem is unique. Thus, I endeavour to use an integrative and individually tailored approach to therapy. I offer Individual and Couples Therapy.

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A Happier, Healthier You

Individual therapy can be the first step to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I have an integrative approach to therapy which aims to balance insight and awareness with action and change. I take into consideration not only what is happening in your life now, but also what happened in your past to influence your current thoughts, beliefs, responses, and relationship patterns. We will also focus on developing insight or a deeper understanding of often unconscious feelings or beliefs that can override our best intentions and conscious thoughts. This means we not only look at the "what" but also at the "why" so we can address the root of your issues. By becoming more aware of your unconscious patterns and of your emotions you can begin to heal past hurts and lead a more authentic and meaningful life.

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A more connected and loving relationship

You might be experiencing conflict in your relationship, a breach of trust, feeling misunderstood, or maybe you are just not feeling as connected or in love as before. You are in the right place, couples therapy can help! Couples therapy may focus on enhancing the relationship, conflict resolution, preserving the relationship or, in some cases, when remaining together is not the best idea for one or both partners, therapy can focus on facilitating an amicable separation. If the separation already happened and you are dealing with heartbreak individual therapy can help. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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